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Prestige Lighting Solutions Sdn Bhd
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About Us

BULB 2 U is the place to shop for light bulbs because of its wide variety, including LED light bulbs, fluorescent light bulbs, energy saving light bulbs, etc. Our line of specialty bulbs means that we carry the hard-to-find products that fit all of your household needs. Whether you need floodlights for the outside of your home, decorative lights to highlight something special, or plant grow lights to help with your garden, you can find it here. We carry only the best-in-class bulbs for you to choose from. The brands of light bulbs that we have are from Philips, Samsung, Osram, GE, LG, Slyvania, and Panasonic.
High Efficiency and Longevity

By using the light bulbs from BULB 2 U, you can save electricity, and thereby lead to a dramatic decrease in power costs. Money and energy can also be spared in maintenance and replacement costs due to the long light bulbs lifespan. On average, the BULB 2 U light bulbs lasts longer than any other light bulbs. The longer lifespan of the BULB 2 U light bulbs will dramatically reduce maintenance costs and decrease long-term operating costs.
Safety and Environment Friendly

The BULB 2 U light bulbs utilizes a customized over-temperature safety feature to ensure the bulb never overheats and is safe to use within fully enclosed light fixtures. In addition, the light bulb’s ability to stay cool reduces the potential for safety risks such as burns and fires. Besides that, the BULB 2 U light bulbs are made from non-toxic materials. The light bulbs that we provide is environmental friendly and do not pose any danger to the environment.
Lastly, we are proud of our long­standing reputation of providing the best and most suitable light bulbs to our customers. So welcome to BULB 2 U and we can assure you that you can find the most suitable light bulbs that you wanted in our light bulb store.